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The Providence Clinic is a regional leader for balance assessment and balance disorder services. We have doctors available for quality treatment of balance problems in Morristown, Hamblen County, and the surrounding areas of East Tennessee. If your life is impacted by balance issues, don't hesitate to give us a call for balance assessments, quality care, and helpful treatments by an expert balance doctor.

We want our patients to make informed and educated decisions about balance problems, including understanding more about balance tests and treatments. We offer a friendly expert staff of balance doctors to help understand the issues and prepare a treatment plan. Many balance treatments can be performed by our physicians in our state-of-the-art medical facility in Morristown, TN.

Call us at (423)-587-1987 or contact us online to feel better faster and schedule your appointment with a balance doctor.

What are Balance Disorders?

Balance disorders create a sense of unsteadiness in a person that is noticeable while still and in motion. Feelings of dizziness, floating, moving, or spinning while still, or leaning or wobbliness while moving can indicate that one may have a condition related to a balance disorder.

There are many parts within our bodies that work collectively to create a normal balance, but most balance problems are related to an issue in the inner ear. Even so, many conditions can impact balance or cause a balance disorder, and symptoms are usually related to the cause. Here are some conditions that could create balance problems:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Head injury

  • Inner ear problems

  • Joint, muscle or vision problems

  • Medications

  • Meniere's disease

  • Migraine

  • Motion sickness

  • ...and many, many more


Like causes, balance disorders have many symptoms as well:

  • Dizziness

  • Faintness

  • Lightheadedness

  • Loss of balance

  • Spinning

  • Vertigo


If one or more of these symptoms persist, we recommend getting a balance assessment at a treatment center (like our facility in Morristown, TN) to get a condition assessment and physician's plan for treatment.

Balance Test & Assessment

Once we understand the nature of the symptoms a patient is suffering from, we can perform a balance test to assess the condition of the balance problems and learn more about the disorder the patient is suffering from. Then, we can use the balance assessment results to help identify the causes of the symptoms and evaluate the next steps. In addition, a balance assessment helps us assess the condition of the body parts that impact balance, specifically the inner ear.

Balance assessments commonly used include:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate tests

  • Caloric study

  • Electrocochleography (ECOG) test

  • Electronystagmography (ENG) test

  • Hearing test

  • Imaging tests (MRI, CT)

  • Posturography test

  • Rotary chair test

  • ...and more


After reviewing the results of balance assessments, our balance-specialist physicians will reach a diagnosis. The diagnosis will determine the treatment plan prescribed and the recovery prognosis expected.

Balance Treatment

Balance treatment plans that a physician may prescribe will reflect the severity of the diagnosis and will be different for each person. A few typical balance treatments that many people may be given:

  • Balance aids (a cane, for example)

  • Balance exercises

  • Canalith repositioning procedure

  • Compression socks

  • Dietary changes

  • Medications

  • Surgery

To determine what the best option is for any balance problem or get treatment for a known balance disorder, contact us at our Hamblen County balance center and our balance expert medical staff can help provide quality balance treatments to help improve and restore one's quality of life.

Balance Disorder Clinic & Doctors in Morristown, Tennessee

Balance problems may be improved with the proper balance testing and treatment plans by an expert balance physician. Because of the impact balance can have on a person's life, it is important to talk with a balance doctor about a balance problem as soon as possible.

For trustworthy and quality balance assessments and treatment services in Morristown, Hamblen County, and the East Tennessee area, contact us at The Providence Clinic—(423)-587-1987 or contact us online. Our physicians can help provide fantastic care and helpful treatment plans for solving all balance-related problems.

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