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The Providence Clinic is a regional leader in audiology and hearing services. We have audiologists available for quality treatment of hearing loss and other hearing problems in Morristown, Hamblen County, and the surrounding areas of East Tennessee. If your life is impacted by hearing loss or problems, don't hesitate to give us a call for hearing screenings, quality care, and helpful treatments by a talented audiologist.

We want our patients to make informed and educated decisions about audiology, ears, and hearing problems, as well as understanding more about hearing loss, hearing screenings, and hearing treatments—including hearing aids. We offer a friendly expert staff of ear doctors to help understand the issues and prepare a treatment plan. Many hearing treatment procedures can be performed by our audiologists in our state-of-the-art medical facility in Morristown, TN.


Call us at (423) 587-1987 or contact us online. to feel better faster and schedule your appointment with an audiologist.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a common issue that affects the quality and loudness of hearing in many people of all ages, some of whom may not even be aware of it. There are three types of hearing loss:

  • Conductive Hearing Loss: Problems in the middle or outer ear

  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL): Problems with auditory nerve in the inner ear

  • Mixed Hearing Loss: A combination of Conductive and Sensorineural Hearing Loss


Gradual hearing loss can be caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise and aging. In addition, hearing loss could be caused by:

  • Bacteria

  • Excessive ear wax

  • Head injuries

  • Heart conditions

  • Medications

  • Stroke

  • Tumors

  • Viruses


Depending on the cause, some cases of hearing loss may be treated by medicine or surgery. While most types of hearing loss can't be reversed, an audiologist may be able to help improve the quality of what is heard through treatment. At The Providence Clinic in Morristown, Tennessee, we have talented ear doctors ready to help with any hearing loss testing and treatment needed. 

Hearing Screening & Testing

Because hearing loss can develop gradually (and many may not know they have hearing loss), periodic hearing screenings can be beneficial for all ages. While 30% of those 65 or older experience some form of hearing loss, 14% of people between age 45 and 64 have hearing loss, and about eight million of those between ages 18 and 44 are affected by hearing loss.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) recommends that adults be screened every decade until age 50, and every third year thereafter. Anytime there is a concern about hearing, especially for children, set an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing screening as soon as possible.

At our facility in Hamblen County, TN, we offer both hearing screenings and hearing testing/evaluations. Hearing screenings are quick, cost-effective, and are the first step in assessing hearing condition. Hearing testing or hearing evaluations are a more comprehensive assessment performed by an audiologist. Our goal with testing and evaluations at The Providence Clinic is to establish the cause and degree of hearing loss and determine the best treatment options. 

Hearing Loss Treatment

Once the cause and degree of hearing loss is determined by an audiologist, a hearing loss treatment plan can be prescribed. The treatment options vary based on the condition and cause, but these hearing loss treatments are common:

  • Cochlear Implants

  • Hearing Aids

  • Removing Earwax

  • Surgery


While removing earwax or hearing aids may be the solution to many people's hearing loss, an audiologist may determine a more extreme treatment is needed. Cochlear implants are surgically implanted electronic devices designed to bypass damaged areas of the ear and restore partial hearing to those with significant hearing loss who do not benefit from a hearing aid. Other surgical procedures may be able to correct traumatic ear injuries or repeated infections.

Hearing loss treatment can be extremely beneficial for improving one's quality of life. For example, those who use hearing aids report they have more self-confidence, closer relationships, and a better outlook on life. 

Hearing Aids & Solutions

The most common hearing loss treatment solution for most people is hearing aids. There are a variety of hearing aid types available, and our expert audiologists can help select the best hearing aid for anyone's needs. Here is an overview of the different types of hearing aids:

Removable Hearing Aids

  • Analog hearing aids: Analog hearing aids amplify all sound and can be programmed for different environments.

  • Digital hearing aids: Digital hearing aids offer more versatility and can be customized to amplify only frequencies that are needed (they're usually more expensive).


Removable Hearing Aid Fit Types

  • Behind-the-ear hearing aids: Best for mild to severe hearing loss, these are a large and powerful model.

  • In-canal hearing aids: Best for mild to moderate hearing loss, these are much smaller and can fit in the ear canal—which can also make them harder to adjust or remove. These hearing aids usually don't have a telecoil (makes it easier to talk on the phone).

  • In-ear hearing aids: Best for mild to severe hearing loss, these are small and can fit in the outer ear but may pick up signals from sound systems. These are not a good choice for children because their outer ears are still growing.

  • Open fit hearing aids: These are also behind-the-ear models, but they allow the hearing canal to be open by relaying sound through a narrow tube to the ear canal. They're less likely to be damaged by earwax, are smaller, and allow more of an open feeling than behind-the-ear models.


Whatever preferences or needs exist for hearing aids, our ear doctors at The Providence Clinic in Morristown, TN can help provide the best possible hearing aid options available.

About The Jerry Myers Hearing Aid Memorial

The Jerry Myers Hearing Aid Memorial is a program developed by Dr. Jeff Adams and Dr. Mike Dillard to furnish free hearing aids to qualifying low-income patients.

The Providence Group Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission to provide hearing aids to low-income patients of Dr. Jeff Adams and Dr. Mike Dillard who are in need of hearing aids.

Click here for more information about this program.

Audiologists & Ear Doctors in Morristown, Tennessee

Hearing loss may be improved with the proper hearing loss testing and treatment plans by an expert audiologist. Because of the impact hearing can have on a person's life, it is important to talk with an ear doctor about any hearing issues as soon as possible.

For trustworthy and quality hearing loss assessments and treatment services in Morristown, Hamblen County, and the East Tennessee area, contact us at The Providence Clinic (423)-587-1987 or contact us online. Our audiologists can help provide fantastic care and helpful treatment plans for solving all hearing-related problems.

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