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Chronic Rhinitis and Clarifix®

The experts at The Providence Clinic are proud to offer Clarifix®, a proven solution to chronic rhinitis.

Do you have chronic rhinitis?

We often treat patients with symptoms of chronic rhinitis, including congestion and a runny nose. Chronic rhinitis can negatively affect daily life. Business meetings, caring for family, even exercising or shopping can feel like a chore, when our patients constantly feel as though they can’t breathe easily. If the root cause of congestion and runny nose is allergies, symptoms should ease with allergy medicine or immunotherapy. {link to Allergy page} 


In patients who don’t get relief with allergy treatments, or who have negative allergy tests, there may be another cause for their symptoms. They may be experiencing vasomotor rhinitis, a form of chronic rhinitis caused by an overactive nerve in the nose. When this nerve isn’t functioning properly, it stimulates the lining of the nose, leading to inflammation, congestion, and a runny nose.


If you’re experiencing the following symptoms, you may have chronic rhinitis:


  • Congestion

  • Constant cough

  • Inability to breathe easily through your nose

  • Sinus pressure and discomfort

  • Chronic sinus infections

  • Runny nose

  • Post nasal drip

  • Sore throat

The Providence Clinic can help with Clarifix®

This procedure cools and soothes the overactive nerve causing chronic rhinitis, and it’s done right here in our office.


During the Clarifix® procedure, a balloon is carefully inserted into the nose, with endoscopic guidance. Patients who receive the treatment are under IV sedation, to provide comfort and ease any anxiety they may have. 

The balloon is guided to the nerve causing chronic rhinitis. The nerve is then rapidly cooled using nitrogen gas, which diminishes its activity. The entire procedure takes about three minutes, and is painless. 


Best of all, our patients’ chronic rhinitis is relieved--especially the congestion and runny nose. Within thirty minutes of the Clarifix® procedure, you’ll be able to go home, and breathe easy!

Clarifix® FAQs

Does the procedure hurt?


Our patients sometimes report a headache for about thirty minutes post-procedure. They describe it as an “ice cream headache.” In most cases, no pain medication is necessary, as the headache goes away by itself. Patients can get back to work, and normal life, the very next day!


How many times will I need Clarifix®?

The majority of our patients’ symptoms continue to improve for a year. Most don’t need another treatment. Those who do can safely undergo Clarifix® again. 


Will I still need to take my nasal medications?


For three weeks after Clarifix®, we instruct our patients to irrigate with saline. This helps relieve temporary congestion from the procedure. The continuation of other nasal medications depends on your unique symptoms. We’ll come up with a personalized plan for you. 

Sinus Specialists & ENT Clinic in Morristown, Tennessee

A sinus infection can continue to cause pain and discomfort until it eventually disappears without treatment by a sinus specialist. There is potential for untreated sinusitis to develop into worse conditions, such as bone infections, brain abscesses, or meningitis. Though the likelihood of sinus infection leading to these conditions is rare, they demonstrate the importance of talking with a sinus specialist about any sinus infection or congestion issues early.


For trustworthy and quality sinus and ENT medical services in Morristown, Hamblen County, and the East Tennessee area, contact us at The Providence Clinic—(423)-587-1987 or contact us online. Our sinus specialists can help provide fantastic care and helpful treatment plans for solving all sinus infection and congestion-related problems.

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